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Please choose one of the above tabs to see how Planet Paints can save you money and do the right thing for the environment at the same time. Planet Paints use revolutionary technology to turn waste paint into solvents and high quality paints.  We currently collect waste solvent from the automotive industry. We then bring it to our factory in Toowoomba where it is distilled to retrieve solvent. This is not a revolutionary process. However the residues left behind after distillation are reformulated into high quality coatings (Patented). This is revolutionary. Normally these residues are sent to landfill or used as fuel. 

We are the only people in the world recycling paint in this way.

We are fully EPA Licensed.

Permit No. IPCE00394706B11 

Benefits of Recycled Paint The most obvious benefit of Planet Paints recycled Paint is the environmental one. As we a have said previously, the residues we re-formulate into coatings would normally end up in landfill. 

The 2nd biggest benefit of recycled paint is that it is easy to do yourself. If painting is just not your thing, we can put you into contact with applicators. If it is your thing please follow the simple instructions in DIY.