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Planet Paints currently services over 200 panel shops between Toowoomba and surrounds to the Gold Coast.  Planet Paints prices are very competitive and the service is available to most areas within south east Queensland.

We are looking to expand into more regions soon, please call or email if you are not in our current area of service and we will do all we can to help you solve your waste issues.

We are fully EPA licensed.  Permit number - IPCE00394706B11

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199 K

What products do Planet Paints supply to the Panel Trade?

1 - Gunwash solvent (supplied in 20’s and 200’s)


Planet Paints distills waste from the automotive refinish trade, yielding a high quality solvent. This is then distributed back to the trade either directly or through a solvent distributor. Our product is superior/crystal clear when compared to other recycled solvents.  Planet Paints focus is on the intrinsic value of 'actual' waste components. By segregating streams, similar chemical types can be processed together. This approach yields superior recycled solvent and known paint solids which can be formulated into various industrial surface coatings. e.g. - Automotive refinish waste solvent yields residue which can be formulated into a high quality, two component concrete coating suitable for exterior or interior exposure. The heavily pigmented part of the waste stream is formulated into an economical industrial primer.  


2 - Bolide Black


Planet Paints flat black (Supplied in 20lts and 4lts)Bolide Black is a one-component, low gloss nitrocellulose paint which lacquer dries to provide a coating with good flexibility and durability at a budget price for easy to use applications.


It is ideal for...

✔     Use as a guide coat.

✔     Radiators.

✔     Chassis'.

✔     Inside bumpers and guards.        


Advantages of...

✔     Bolide Black is fast drying.

✔     Simple to use.

✔     Dries hard.

✔     Made from recycled materials. 

✔     Better for the environment. 


3 – Concrete Coatings (Supplied in 20lts or 4lts) 


Planet Paints has 2 types of concrete coatings.  Maintain (interior) and Versacoat (exterior).  Both of these coatings are made from solvent waste generated by the panel trade. Maintain – Is a two-component, low-gloss acrylic polyurethane paint, cured with aromatic isocyanate to provide a high build coating with good flexibility and durability at a budget price.It may also be applied as a one-component thermoplastic lacquer drying coating for easy to use applications Versacoat – Is a two-component, high-gloss acrylic polyurethane paint, cured with a aliphatic isocyanate to provide a high build coating with excellent flexibility and exterior durability at a budget price.It may also be applied as a single coat primer-finish where a traditional 2-coat alkyd system is used. 

What happens to the solvent waste once Planet Paints takes it away?

1. Waste solvent recovery service
- solvents used for wash in the automotive refinish trade are collected and recycled by Planet Paints. Due to our patent applied for method of distillation we are able to use the paint once solvent has been distilled off. This is what would end up as land fill.
2. Waste solvent distilling and redistribution
- solvents are distilled and sold back to the automotive refinish trade for use as an economical cleaning solvent
3. Distillation of residues (paint solids)
- residues from the above process are reformulated into quality 2-component coatings for industrial and domestic use.