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Versacoat Top Coats

"One of the paints we make here (Versacoat) can be used for pretty much anything outside. We have painted our ute with it and we have several customers using it for several things. Eureka Trading for example uses our Primer and top coats their refurbished forklifts with it. (SEE PHOTO GALLERY)...I would paint my house with it, but it does particularly well on steel and concrete. "
- Mark Rowen, Director of Planet Paints and Inventor

Top quality 2-pack acrylic material, formulated from the paint solids recovered during the gunwash distillation process.

Versacoat can be used for a variety of applications, including trailers, tanks and other industrial uses. This product also works exceptionally well as a durable, high quality concrete coating.


This is the interior version of Versacoat. An extremely economical and fast drying product. Perfect on concrete with no UV exposure.

Maintain is a two-component, semi-gloss acrylic polyurethane paint, cured with aromatic isocyanate to provide a high build coating with good flexibility and durability at a budget price.

Maintain is great for workshop floors and garage floors with no UV exposure. Application can be done over a weekend depending on the size of job.

Great for workshop floor and garage floors with no UV exposure. Can be done over a weekend depending on the size of job.