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DIY Concrete Coatings

Planet Paints has two concrete coatings suitable for easy, do it yourself, at home application. 

They are:      
Maintain (Interior)
Versacoat (Exterior) 

Both of these coatings are made from recycled materials salvaged from the auto refinish industry (Patented). So you can make home improvements while doing the right thing for the environment and saving money.

Versacoat/Maintain are two coat materials (Must be applied in two coats). Coverage for both is 20 Litre Kit will cover 100m2 in 2 coats.

We have six colours available – See colour chart

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Application Notes

Below are some thorough application notes to follow.  Any further questions, queries or concerns please contact us

You will need:
·         Roller with handle
·         Cut-in brush
·         Flat stirrer
·         Mixing container/ measures
·         Gloves
·         Rags
·         Respiration mask if poor ventilation
·       Prepare the surface

As with all coatings systems, the secret to success is surface preparation. However Versacoat and Maintain have proven themselves time and again to be tolerant of minimal surface preparation.

The following is a useful guide:

New concrete:
·         If very smooth finish acid etching is recommended.  We recommend using the standard 28% that is commercially available and dilute 10:1 and follow the safety instructions
·         sweep surface of all loose material
·         clean any oil or grease spots with solvent
·         wash with detergent and/or high pressure water cleaner if desired
·         allow to dry

Aged Concrete:
·         Acid etching is recommended.  We recommend using the standard 28% that is commercially available and dilute 10:1 and follow the safety instructions
·         clean stubborn grease and oil spots with solvent & soak up

Previously coated surfaces:

The nature of the existing coating will determine the applicability of Versacoat or Maintain on the coated surface.

Coatings such as alkyd, acrylic and epoxy will readily accept Versacoat and Maintain.

Acid etching – Planet Paints application experience has shown that acid etching gives a far longer lasting finish and we recommend that this be done before application.

The cure mechanism of the material results in a chemical bond between the seal coat and the concrete itself. This reaction ensures outstanding substrate adhesion.

The following general tips will ensure the best possible result:

* Remove flaking paint

* Paint a test area to ensure adhesion and coating compatibility

* Cut in Edges

* Mix a small amount of material and brush into edges and other areas that cannot easily be reached by the roller (i.e. joins etc).

By applying this material unthinned, the need to cut in before the second coat is eliminated (when using self priming versions).

First Coat - Prime and Seal. Mix enough Versacoat or Maintain to prime the surface. Calculate the amount needed at the theoretical spread rate of 9 m2 per litre. Thin the material at least 25% to ensure good penetration of the surface. Apply using the long handled roller, ensuring good wetting and penetration. As the material penetrates tiny pores, small bubbles may appear in the seal coat up to five minutes after painting. Don’t panic! Just go back over with the roller to burst the bubbles and add a little more solvent to the mix. When the first mix is used up, a final small amount can be mixed based upon the actual coverage achieved. IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS PLEASE CALL US FOR ASSISTANCE - (07) 46 333 544

Experience has shown that the application is made easier if the roller handle is weighted by attaching weights (up to 1 kg) low down on the handle.

Final coat - The second coat can be applied as soon as the surface can be walked upon without noticeable tackiness.For Maintain this can be as little as an hour after applying the first coat. For Versacoat the recoat time is usually a minimum of 4 hours (less on a hot day).Coverage for the second coat is substantially better than the prime coat. Mix material at a theoretical spread rate of 10 m2 per litre and thin 5%. Application will be much easier than the first coat with minimal bubbling. Again, once the first mix is used, make a second mix using the actual spread rate experienced.

Hint - Wipe the rim of the Hardener tins with a rag soaked in thinners, this way any left over hardener is not wasted.


Note: for large jobs a budget primer is available. As detailed above Maintain and Versacoat are self priming products


Australian Patent Number – 2004289703 A paint product and method of manufacture.

New Zealand Patent Number – 547863  A paint product and method of manufacture.