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Office Driveways

The carpark at the Bartercard Toowoomba Office was painted in July 2007 using Planet Paints Light Moon Grey Versacoat inside and Dark Moon Grey Versacoat as the border. Glass beads have been used to create a non-slip finish and are available from Planet Paints for an additional fee. These offices are located in Campbell Street Toowoomba.

Residential Driveways

E. McMahon of Brisbane, Queensland has used Planet Paints Dark Moon Grey Versacoat below on their driveway and side access path.

This driveway is a private Toowoomba residence and was painted in January 2006.  The owners have used Planet Paints Medium Moon Grey Versacoat to compliment the colour of the house. These photos were taken in September 2009.

This is another private residence in Toowoomba.  These clients chose Planet Paints Dark Moon Grey Versacoat.  The driveway was painted in March 2008.

Gowrie Hall

The Gowrie Junction Community Hall pathway have been painted using Planet Paints Earth Green Versacoat.

Roof Photos

Purchased by Bartercard customer at the Sunshine Coast.  Material used is Versacoat Light Moon Grey.  Versacoat is perfect for any exterior application due to its durability.



This roof painted with Planet Paints Mars Red Versacoat. Material purchased by Phil's Insulation & Home Care Services on Bartercard.



Tennis Court

This tennis court, at a private Toowoomba Residence has been painted using Planet Paints Earth Green Versacoat.  Sand has been cast between coats to create a non-slip finish.